Valet service for Basel - Mulhouse airport

What is Valet Parking?

The advantage with valet parking is that you don’t have to go to the Adopark car park.

You go directly to the express car park at Basel/Mulhouse airport and hand over the keys of your car to one of our employees.

This employee will park your car for you. As you do not need to take the shuttle bus to and from the airport, you will save a considerable amount of time.

Service Voiturier

The advantages of Valet Parking


On average you will save 30 minutes

No need to look for the car park or a parking space, no need to wait for a shuttle to return to your vehicle…


The end of the fighter's journey

The valet service finishes the obstacle course to get to the car park with all the family (child, parents, suitcase …).

How does Valet Parking work?



To book a valet service, simply choose it in the online search or via the links below:

Once you have made your airport parking reservation you will receive a confirmation with detailed instructions (Direction to the express car park on the French side, telephone number of the valet service).

Please bring the confirmation e-mail and the information you received just after your reservation.

This e-mail will give you precise directions.


The way to the airport


Receiving your vehicle

An employee will be waiting for you in the departure hall at the time you have chosen.

The employee will make an inventory of fixtures in your presence and then give you a copy.

Then the employee will drive your car to the parking lot and park your car for you.

On your return, the driver will already be present in the parking lot.

If needed you will have a phone number you can call.

An inventory of fixtures will be made in your presence and then you will be able to take the road.


Your return

Information about Euroairpot Basel/Mulhouse Airport

In 2019, EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse will have more than 9 million passengers. It is the busiest airport in the Far East and ranks third among Swiss airports, just after Zurich and Geneva.

EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse is the one and only bi-national airport in the world. It is equally owned by Switzerland and France.

It is located on French territory in Alsace and is ideally situated in the tri-border region.
The EuroAirport Basel/Mulhouse airport has a single terminal, but is divided into the French and Swiss sectors.

The passage from one side to the other is inside the Airport on level 3.
Please note that passage by car is not possible unless you go through road customs.

Indeed, outside the airport there is a fence to separate the Swiss side from the French side.

You can visit the airport website by clicking here.

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